Top 10 Poker Hand Nicknames

  1. Pocket Aces (AA) – the most popular nicknames are Pocket Rockets and American Airlines.
  2. Pocket Kings (KK) – the hands goes by the name “cowboys” and is also called King Kong.
  3. Pocket Eights (88) – the hand is commonly called “snowman”
  4. Pocket Deuces (22) – the most popular poker hand nickname is “ducks”
  5. Ace King (AK) – is known as Big Slick / AK-47, Anna Kournikova, Korean Airlines, and a couple less popular names.
  6. Ace Queen (AQ) – has a nickname of Big Chick and sometimes called Little Slick (referring to AK being Big Slick).
  7. King Queen (KQ) – is known as “Marriage”
  8. Ten Duece (T2) – has a nickname of Doyle Brunson, since it is known as his favorite starting hand.
  9. Nine Five (95) – is commonly called “Dolly Parton” because of the famous song “9 to 5.”
  10. Seven Deuce (72) – is a WHIP (worst hand in poker).

All hands that have no connection between the cards and have a very small chance to improve are called “rags.” It includes hands such as J2o, 93o, and so on.